Main Form

NGS Data File

This box is where you specify the input file. The file can end in any extension, and can be saved straight from the NGS' website, or a downloaded archive file. To select the file, you can type directly into the box, or click on the icon to the right of the box. If you type in the name manually, the box will turn red if the filename is invalid. After you leave this box, if the setting is enabled, the program may automagically put the output filename in the following box.

Save GPX As

This is the file that the converted datasheets are saved to. Like the NGS Data File box, you can enter in a file manually, or select a name and location by clicking on the icon to the right. If you enter it manually, the box will highlight red if the directory or filename is invalid and can't be written to. The default extension is .GPX, but can be changed to anything.


Once both files are entered, the Process button will enable. Click this to begin the conversion.

Menu: File

In here, you can go to the Settings window, or quit.

Menu: Help

From here, you can go to the offline help, or visit NGS»GPX's main page.