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BenchMap Privacy Policy

BenchMap asks for several permissions while executing on your Android device. No personal information is sent to TSQ's server here, or even off of the phone in BenchMap itself. BenchMap uses Google Maps API plugin - which may record location information - you would need to check with Google and your phone's location and/or Google Settings app to find out what they do with that information. No camera images are taken without your interaction, and images are not uploaded within the BenchMap application itself. Because of the In-App Purchases, the Google Account on your phone IS queried, and used to communicate with the Play Store to verify the addins and purchases made. If you purchased off-line through the developer directly, then your email is sent to the server to verify purchase.

Data that may get sent to TSQ's server include:

  • When using Topo Overlay, map screen may get sent to render overlay tiles, depending on map options selected.
  • When entering in registration key purchased off of Play Store, your email address is sent and checked occasionally to verify license.
  • When using the 'Offline' server, map screen extents will get sent to TSQ's server for it to return visible stations to the app.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact TSQ.