TSQ Survey Mark Tools

BenchMap v2


This app shows you a scrollable map, dotted with all the known NGS survey markers ("benchmarks"). By selecting one, you can then view its online datasheet, and optionally allow you to track to the station, take photgraphs of the station, and record some notes. Advanced (pay) features allow you to load offline files for use when outside any data network, as well as viewing USGS Map Overlays (similar to the Google Earth tools) when connected to a data network.


Google Play Market:

You can install the app by searching for 'Benchmap' in the Play Store, or going here.

The app asks for several permissions:

  • Internet Access: This is needed for obvious reasons. Specifically, so the map can download satellite and road imagery, and so that it can query the NGS database and display the stations on said map. It is also used to submit bug reports (see below) if the app has to FC.
  • Location: Depending on your device and the APIs installed, this may be listed as one permission ("Location") or two ("Location: Fine", "Location: Coarse"). This is needed as well for the map to determine where you currently are.
  • External Storage: This permission is needed to allow the app to take pictures and write notes for the selected station to the SD card.
  • Camera: To be able to take pictures of any stations or reference marks.
  • Billing: In-App Purchase to enable Advanced features.

Program Usage:

Main Pages

The main pages ot the application include three screens:

  • Map Page: The default page, where you can scroll the map and view online stations.
  • List Page: Page listing all currently loaded online stations, as well as any loaded from the Offline file and Found file (Premium Features).
  • Datasheet Page: Page showing the datasheet of currently selected marker.

Each page has a Help menu item that will give information on how that page operates.

Advanced Camera Page

When 'Use Basic Camera' is off in Settings, this page will let you select the type of photograph to take. In this mode, station images are stored in filenames per NGS standards, except for the 'Other' type, which is a custom type for this application.

Preferences Page

This page lets you adjust how the app feels and works. The menu's Help will display definitions of the settings available.