What is it?

NGS»GPX is a small utility that will convert a text datasheet from the NGS' website into a GPX file. Datasheets from the NGS are pulled from a national database and contain coordinates, directions, and other information relating to a survey marker, otherwise known as a station. A GPX file is an XML-based file that can hold information about waypoints, tracks, and routes, used to interface with several programs. GPX files are most commonly known to come from Geocaching.com, but can come from other sites and programs. NGX»GPX is free to use in any way you deem necessary. (Keep in mind, however, that if anything blows up, is ruined, or otherwise does not act normally after use of this program, you can't hold me responsible.)

Where did it come from?

NGS»GPX v1 came after using a small program called "BMGPX". This program was limited in what it could do and handle, and didn't have any options. NGS»GPX v1 offered a few options, but was still all command-line based, which wasn't intuitive for a lot of users. After much arguing and stabbing at .NET, I believe that v2.0 will please many users. (Or, at least I hope so. If it angers many users... uh.. it's not my fault.)

How do I use it?

NGS»GPX is pretty simple to use. Run it from the start menu, change your settings if you want, and then point the program to the downloaded datasheet. Click "Process".

It's that easy. A GPX file will be created in the same directory (unless you changed that), in which you can then load it into your caching program.

Other information

There are no real support forums, unfortunately. The program is small, and the user base is quite limited. (If you don't know what a 'datasheet', GPX file, or what "geocaching" is, then you shouldn't need this program.) You can contact me by e-mail at coyttl@gmail.com, or find me on the GSAK Forums and/or the Groundspeak Forums under the user name "Foxtrot_Xray".

Special Thanks!

A big thanks goes out to Clyde, the programmer and putter-upper-with-idiot-questions guy for GSAK. GSAK is a database/caching utility for maintaining Geocaches, and hopefully, with this program, Benchmarks. There are a lot of GSAK-centric options available in NGS»GPX. A thanks also goes out to YeOleImposter from the GSAK forums for using my program. A lot. And telling me about issues. And things I could do. And things I shouldn't.

What if there's a problem?

If you have a problem, or recommendation, feel free to contact me any of the methods above. Updates to the program are always available here.